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Question ? Max I: Maximum recommended average current draw   [
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 Regarding the estimate of the "Maximum recommended average current draw to prevent pack damage" - the max current is the square root of (6*capacity/IR)

The calculation of the FOM/Current draw were developed by Mark Forsyth and Wayne Giles. As always we emphasise that this is just a pragmatic rule of thumb based on extensive practical battery testing that seems to reflect practice fairly well over a wide range of LiPos and capacities - although some recent cells like the Turnigy Graphines do better than predicted. It has some theoretical basis in a maximum allowable % of energy dissipated internally (6 Watts/AmpHr) but we don't rely on a theoretical explanation. It is a purely empirical observation that has been surprisingly useful to date.  

Entered by admin on Saturday, 04 June 2016 @ 15:17:37  
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